Cosplayer Weather Forecast

Planning on sewing all day— warm, sunny, no wind

Planning on sanding and spray painting— cold, rainy, windy

have to be up at 7 but I know better than to try to sleep so I’m just sort of sitting here looking forward to the 2-3 hours of sleep I’ll be getting

When horrifying old roommates approach me in public I want to claw my eyes out :<

like stop pretending to be nice to me for information I’m not going to tell you where I live you creepy annoying fuck

I feel so guuuuiiiltty D:

I basically just inhaled an entire bag of spicy Doritos in less than a day. My body probably hates me so much.

I’m obsessed with spicy food and I have a bad habit of gorging on it. 

Why am I such a terrible fatty ;;

Oh my god.

So I was resin casting at 5 am. Pre con crunch and all. And I’m outside on my patio when I see this shadow of a person against my house. I turned around and a cop was standing directly behind me and I almost peed myself. D: I’m so easy to sneak up on and a man standing behind me at 5 in the morning? Scariest. Thing. Ever.

Anyway he was suspicous because my door was open so that’s why he walked up and then he asked me what I was doing. Goodness is it hard to explain to a cop why you’re mixing smelly chemicals outside of an open apartment at 5 in the morning.