got some meduka photos back :>
Madoka is me

by Elemental Photography


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"If someone tells me it’s wrong to hope,I will tell them they’re wrong every time."

Madoka cosplayed by me / DA Link
Photos by Kyle Mistry


Madoka is pretty tired here from hunting witches all day.

Have a picture of my cosplay since I’m finally motivated to work on her again :>

photo by NymphPix

'I can't take any more of this'

by Tofu Photography
cosplayer is me

Here are a couple shots of my Madoka cosplay from Katsucon! Lots of work still needs done on this but I still love how these shots turned out thanks to Tofu Photography

Here is the DA Link
This cosplay is also featured in OtakuLeague’s video at 2:03


guess what I’m seeing Saturday 

I am SO ready to be done with this petticoat. The waist was originally too small so I adjusted it a little bit and evened out the layers so they would sit on top of each other more. I hope it’s not too short now but I guess when I can try it on I’ll know for sure.

and I threw together a cute pair of bloomers to wear underneath : )


the final two episodes of madoka magica came out a year ago today! so im gonna go rewatch it (because i love torturing myself, apparently) but i wanted to draw something cute and happy before i do :”””)